5 things a hockey arena can teach you about marketing

The hockey arena is a special place for a fan. There are people out there who make sure everything you could need is conveniently at your disposal. Parking, food, merchandise, player sheets, a rink, and your team of course! You are surrounded by people just like you, people in your community of interests, people who are expected to wear that lucky jersey, and yell and scream for the team you love. Well from a marketing standpoint this arena can demonstrate an interesting side of the game you may not have known was there.

I read the article, “What a Hockey Game can Teach you about Marketing” By Gedaly Guberek and this is what I took away frome at rinkm it.

1) “Own the arena and you always win”

The home team always wins, regardless of what the score board says. People buy tickets, merchandise, parking, etc. They also have the fan base there to share the experience with other fans.

In a business perspective, own your space! If you are utilizing only Facebook to get your information across you are not owning anything. Get yourself a website to act as your arena and, similar to ticket sales, merchandise, parking, etc., link all of your other sites and media to that. Create a space that people can get all that you have to offer.

2) “Everything is an opportunity to be seen”

In hockey, all of what you see is sponsored space. The whole rink is bordered by logos of sponsors. The break times, replays, etc. are all sponsored by someone to get their name associated with you.

Once you are established, people want to be part of your space. If someone can see a benefit to associating themselves with your personal brand then they should try to do so. If there is an opportunity for visibility in a space that your target market is, jump on it!

3) “One audience, many needs”

When you go to a hockey game, you expect to have access to things like “food, drinks, merchandise, parking, season tickets, seat upgrades, buying extra tickets for friends, etc.” you must think to yourself, “what else does your audience need?” You don’t go to a game expecting to only have access to the physical game, but everything else you need to enjoy it.

Make yourself dynamic. What else can you offer people that will engage them in your brand.

4) “Give incentives for getting contact information”

In the field of marketing, you have to consider all elements. If I get this contact information I can reach out to this individual in a new way! Think about it, where are people getting their information? I tell you right now, it’s from everywhere! No one has only one way to reach them these days and you should take the extra step to personalize a message to them. Let them know they are a VIP by receiving that message in a more person form.

5) “Make your audience feel special”

If you read my “Passion of the Fan” post, you will see, the fans want to feel special! They want to have a take away from the game or to be seen on the jumbotron. Show those people how important they are to the game at hand.bruin jumbotron

In any business structure, you are responsible for gaining clientele. They are part of the community you build within your space. Make those people feel as important as they truly are to you and your company.


#Be Like Mike

  Anyone remember this ad? In Celebration of their 50th anniversary, Gatorade threw it back to an old favorite, Be Like Mike. They had released this exact ad 23 years ago but chose to add the #BeLikeMike hashtag at the end for interaction purposes. 

The ad has over 2 million views over a two week span and viewers say it effectively reflects the current values of Gatorade. Don’t forget the power of the throwback!

The Passion of the Fan

As you may know, I love sports. More specifically, I love the passion of the fan and the drive of the athlete. This article highlights fan interaction and why we are now emphasizing the use of social media to connect the fan to the athletes, teams, and other fans. We have stepped out of the “one to many” world and are now demonstrating a “many to many” marketplace that holds more opportunity for not just those marketing, but the teams and the fan base as well.

Because we are moving away from traditional marketing channels that are produced and fan-engagementmonitored by one source, and moving into a space where we share content with one another, we are opening the door for a more personal level of updates and information. They do highlight a website, SocialToaster, that allows fans to sign up to receive breaking news in the industry before anyone else. In exchange for this VIP treatment, they must share the content they are provided. By doing so they earn points and rewards that get them prizes such as apparel, game tickets, etc. By using this site to distribute information you can monitor the influencer and reward them for their interaction. Click Here for Passion of the Fan Article